After 2 months we are finally back up! But only on a temporary host. There was data loss. Not only the maps but also the databases. Thus, an old backup was loaded. There was no data loss with BedWars.


Our host deleted all its systems and data without informing us. The server is gone. We have to completly rebuild the Network. But we don't have a hoster at the moment.


The website has been completely revised and has a new design.


The 7GAMES Api has been released and can be accesed here. - To get the playercount - To get the server status


BattleRoyale is a new Prototype Game. In this minigame you have to loot boxes and kill other players. Important, vote in the prototype lobby /review whether BattleRoyale should be released.


BedWars v2 has finally been released.

New Features:

- New Lobby
- Lots of new Maps
- New Parkour

- Many Bug fixes
- New 1.8 BedWars
- Leaderboards
- BedWars Cosmetics
- InGame Gold Shop
- and more


BuildFFA has been released.


The Main lobby has been changed to this new lobby:


A new BedWars map (City Solo) has been released.