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End of long maintenance work
26 days ago

In the last two months we have worked hard to bring 7GAMES back into shape. Today we are finally allowed to reopen. Not everything is finished yet as 7GAMES will soon be completely relaunched.
Here are the main changes we made.

  • New proxy software for more performance and newer versions.
  • New Punishment system for more control.
  • New rereport system with easier operation.
  • Updated Lobby Server to newer version for more features and versi...
Maintenance work on 19.04.2024
3 months ago

We will begin maintenance work on April 19, 2024. We will be moving to new systems and new software. We will also release many bug fixes and updates. The maintenance work can last until April 21, 2024.

7GAMES 3rd Birthday
8 months ago

On 25th October 2023 7GAMES will be 3 Years old.

We have prepared some things:

- New lobby
- New game mode (EarthSMP)

We also have a big discount in our gold shop.

Feel free to join from midnight and play the new game mode with us.

Vote for Rewards
11 months ago

From now on, you will get a vote token for every vote, no matter on which side.                                           You can redeem these vote tokens for gold and ranks in the vote shop.

  You can get up to 9 vote tokens per day!                                                    &n...

BuildFFA and JumpWorld were removed
11 months ago

Due to lack of interest in BuildFFA and JumpWorld it was decided to disable and remove both gamemodes. They are now unplayable.

But don't worry, 2 new gamemodes are already being planned and WoolWars will be released soon.

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